We Believe in Quality.

With our brand identified with quality, we produce quality products with special and original designs for your needs and demands,

Müşteri Odaklı

Customer Focused

You are our priority. Your needs and demands are valuable to us

Özgün Tasarım

Original Design

Designs specific to your company and business



We are Opening the Door of the Future

Teknik Destek

Technical support

Solution-oriented, fast and reliable technical support

We Add Strength to Your Power..

We work for a greener and more livable world.




You Are Where Quality Materials Meet Skilled Hands...

ELSAN A.Ş., one of Turkey’s first electric motor manufacturers and always striving to produce with the most appropriate technology, is proud to have made a significant contribution to Turkey’s transformation from a motor importing country to an exporting country.

production schedule

ELSAN ELEKTRİK SAN. and TRADE. Inc. You can access the Production Program Document here.

Technical support

You can access the Technical Support Form here. You can open a report about your defective products and request information.

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