Double Speed Motor

Frame Size90 - 355
Rated Power0,37/1,66 30/37 kW
Number of Poles16/4-12/4-16/6-8/4-6/4-12/6-16/2-4/2
Protection ClassIP55 (up to 280 types), IP65 (315 type and above) (Contact us for higher protection classes.)
Voltage380 V (Contact us for different voltages)
Frequency50 Hz (Contact us for different frequencies and speed control devices.)
Construction TypeB3 (contact us for different construction types.)
Mechaical Construction Housing and covers are cast iron, cast iron castings.
Type of CoolingIC 411 (Contact us for different cooling types and forced cooling type.)
Insulation ClassF / H (Contact us for different insulation classes.)
Duty Type(Contact us for operating modes.)
Ambient Temperature40 °C (Contact us for higher ambient temperatures.)
Motor ProtectionThermistors and motor protection relay for 250 type and over (applied to smaller type.)