Our Design Activities

Today, although the competitive conditions are getting heavier day by day, the opportunities offered by technology are developing rapidly. In such an environment, it is impossible for a company that is satisfied with the technology it has and does not adapt its products to meet the changing market needs, to compete with its competitors. With this awareness and over 50 years of production experience, ELSAN has improved its product range thanks to the importance it attaches to research and development activities, and has become the company with the widest product range among asynchronous electric motor manufacturers in Turkey.

ELSAN, whose most important goal is to constantly improve; It continues to seek better in all its activities. Engineers and designers working in the Design Development Unit prioritize customer requests; They are working to develop a more powerful, more durable, lower cost and more efficient asynchronous electric motor.

In addition, ELSAN has made sharing information and technology a company policy with experts who have proven their success at home and abroad and companies that produce on a global scale.