Elsan Elektrik A.Ş.

Founded in 1964 by Turkey’s first electric motor manufacturers, the factory initially produced only standard electric motors up to 18.5 kW, mostly with imported parts and in the form of assembly, but by constantly growing and developing, today it produces IEC norm motors up to 400 kW and according to the customer’s needs. has become a company that designs and manufactures special purpose engines.

The company, which has the widest product range in the field of electric motors in our country, responds to almost all kinds of motor demands with the products it launches under the EMTAŞ brand.

In its factory, which operates in an open area of approximately 17,000 m2 and a closed area of 8,500 m2 in Ankara’s Etimesgut district, carefully selected raw materials such as magnetic sheet, coil wire, iron casting and aluminum are transformed into high-quality products by experienced technical personnel using modern technology.

EMTAŞ, which always strives to produce with the most appropriate technology, is proud of making a significant contribution to Turkey’s transformation from an engine importing country to an exporting country.

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