Although our Double Speed Motors have the same mechanical structure as our single speed motors, they offer the opportunity to use two separate speeds together thanks to their special stator windings. They have become a practical and economical choice in applications that do not require infinite speed adjustment. Depending on the area of use and customer demand, double speed from a single winding (Dahlender), or two separate speeds from two separate windings (Double Winding) options can be considered.


Why Should You Choose?
  • With a two-speed motor, speed and power can be easily adjusted as needed, saving significant amounts of energy.
  • In two-speed engines, switching from high speed to low speed when needed reduces power usage and CO2 emissions.
  • They are a cost-effective alternative to frequency inverters because they can operate at two speeds in industrial machines and systems.
Usage Areas
  1. Elevators,
  2. Cranes,
  3. Conveyors,
  4. Presses,
  5. Fans.