Slip ring induction motors, also known as wound-rotor motors, are a type of induction motor in which the rotor windings are connected to external resistance through slip rings. Adjusting the resistance allows the speed/torque characteristic of the motor to be controlled. In this way, motors can be started with low inrush current by adding high resistance to the rotor circuit; Resistance can be reduced as the engine accelerates.


Why Should You Choose?
  • Loaded start-up safety with high starting torque,
  • High number of stops/starts with low starting current,
  • Fast and economical repair process with replaceable feet,
  • High strength with cast iron body/covers and ductile iron feet,
  • High load carrying capacity thanks to the use of larger bearings than its peers,
  • Resistance to external factors with metal terminal box and metal housing.
Usage Areas
  1. Cranes,
  2. Conveyors.

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