Our General Purpose Industrial Type Motors are produced as three-phase asynchronous motors, also known as induction motors. The specially designed ribs of our cast iron bodies and our non-monolithic, replaceable ductile iron feet reflect the quality and ease of use of our engines. Thanks to their general-purpose production, they offer the opportunity to be used in a wide variety of areas. We can produce it in accordance with all starting methods upon request.


Why Should You Choose?
  • Compliance with harsh conditions,
  • High strength with cast iron body/frames and ductile iron feet,
  • High load carrying capacity thanks to the use of larger bearings than its peers,
  • Resistance to external factors with metal terminal box and metal housing.
Usage Areas
  1. Stone crushing machines (Crushers),
  2. Pumps (Irrigation Sector),
  3. Fans,
  4. Horse head pumps (Oil sector),
  5. Conveyors,
  6. Presses,
  7. Cranes,
  8. Mixers,
  9. Cooling Towers,
  10. Compressors,
  11. All kinds of machinery,

User-specific solutions. (Starting torque, starting current, power factor, etc.)