Vibration engines; They are three-phase, squirrel cage electric motors that produce vibration with eccentric hammers on both sides of the motor. Vibration engines; With careful design, robust construction and strict quality control at every stage of production, it offers unwavering reliability and long operating life.


Why Should You Choose?
  • Compliance with harsh conditions,
  • High strength with ductile iron body and covers,
  • Resistance to external factors with metal hammer casing,
  • High load carrying capacity, longer life, thanks to the use of bearings with C4 clearance and larger than their counterparts.
  • Vibration-proof connections in terminal box,
  • Eccentric hammers that offer infinite (stepless) vibration force adjustment,
Usage Areas
  1. Feeders,
  2. Sieves,
  3. Concrete molds,,
  4. Silos,
  5. Foundry mold breaking machines,

User-specific solutions. (Rated voltage up to 1000V, rated frequency up to 75 Hz, heater, etc.)